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In addition to being a professional photographer, graduated from the Photo Academy Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, I am a writer and designer. I was born and raised in Amsterdam, where I studied ecology. I started photography during my studies to portray native plants and to earn some money by shooting documentary photos for local media. Photography quickly became a true passion, which I further professionalized over the years. While working as a sustainability consultant, I used photography for spatial survey. Resulting in various publications on green and sustainable spatial development, such as  'Autarkie / Autarky'. For more information, see my LinkedIn profile.

About 5 years ago I decided to focus all my enthusiasm on visual storytelling and the making of titillating publications. For me photography is an exercise in learning to see, to explore and form a kinship with a place or phenomenon. A fine example is 'De ontsloten tuin / The unlocked garden', published in 2020 by Blauwdruk. The book received a special mention at the presentation of the Literary René Pechère Prize (NLRPP) 2021 for the best Dutch book in the field of garden and landscape architecture.

In 2020 I moved from a big city in the Netherlands to the countryside of Bretagne in France. A true eldorado for a passionate naturalist and photographer. There is unlimited potential for sensible experiences, narratives and images, as you can see in my recent book 'Kind of Blue'. A second revised French-language edition of the book is in the making, entitled 'Message dans une bouteille' / 'Message in a bottle'.

With my writing and photography I hope to promote a sensitive reconnection with nature, the landscapes around us, and the wider web of life we are part of. The portfolio on this website provides an overview of my bodies of work. Comments are always welcome, please use this link.



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