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'Kind of Blue' book presentation

Updated: Jun 28, 2023



I would like to inform you that my new publication 'Kind of Blue, coastal reflections' is published.

The focus is on our connection to, use of and dependence on the oceans and seas of the world; the cradle of all life. The visual storytelling is a tantalizing wandering along the coasts, beaches and cliffs of NW-Europe, and zooms in photographically on the French peninsula of Brittany. In a poetic way, the uniqueness of the salty world, the climate change and the necessary course change are brought to the attention, but above all the intimate amenity value and great beauty of the sea and coast are shown. 'Kind of blue' is a panoramic exploration with philosophical reflections, deep ecology and (visual) poetry. We are all connected in the cycle of the tides, the powerful heartbeat of the earth.



The English edition of 'Kind of Blue' (17x24cm, 128 pp) is beautifully printed and bound in an edition of 200 copies. The book price is 35, - Euro, including VAT. Order 'Kind of Blue'.




“I have visited many coastal areas that are bustling with life and dynamics in very contrasting ways. … Many of these places and moments are still very dear to me … I had a rather special encounter on the regularly storm-ravaged southwest tip of the Scottish island of Islay that appeared to be really unworldly. After a steep descent into a remote bay, I stood face to face for quite some time with a huge, noisily yawning walrus, who, like a plump buoy, was bobbing lazily and contentedly in the sun’s heat. The pure magic was unfortunately disturbed by many marks of our civilization, all sorts of plastic junk that the floods had piled high onto the pebble beach. The contradictions of this close encounter is reflected in 'Kind of Blue', which is drenched in the blue of sky and sea, not to mention its mood indigo.”



“The beachcomber and slow photographer in me has tried to penetrate the essence of the transition space between land and sea. The play of light, the rhythm of the tides, the cycle of the seasons as well as objects washed ashore directed my photographic eye. The 'objets trouvés' stimulated me to create a series of still lifes. ... Based on pattern recognition, color palette and symbolism, the still lifes are combined with photographs of the seascapes, intimate coastal landscapes and tidal pools into an image rhyme of diptychs. ... The image rhyme as a whole shines like mother of pearl and rubs like sand.”




Kind of Blue zooms in on a piece of the Atlantic Ocean coast, so profound that you feel that the maker knows many other coasts. The images tell how intimately people are connected to the sea. The book reads like a wave of moments that roll in and turn, leaving room for associations and pressing questions. What lingers in me are wistful memories, and new connections.” Jeroen van Westen, visual artist.


Suggestions and comments are welcome as always.

All the best, and safe sailing Dennis.

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